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Who are Cubed Fusion


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Cubed Fusion

Martyn met Martin at an SEO conference in Norwich many years ago, the friendship was forged and Cubed Fusion is a result of their close working relationship. 

Working in offices next door to each other the idea of Cubed Fusion was born. However, busy workloads meant it sat on the shelf for a few years until Martin moved to St Neots. The opportunity then rose to reignite Cubed Fusion and as a result the two M`s joined forces to offer businesses across the UK the perfect online solution.

martyn oakley cubed fusion

Martyn Oakley

Coffee lover, coffee snob? With over 35 years experience in the creative arena producing graphics, videos and presentations Martyn brings a creative eye to Cubed Fusion. Running COG Media for over 15 years he has been working with local companies right up to international brands.

Heading up the Norwich office, with Martyn’s creative flare for website design you can rest assured your online presence will not only look good but will have the performance you need in a busy market place.

martin reynolds cubed fusion

Martin Reynolds

Despite looking like a scared rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, Martin is an experienced digital marketer who has been running his own marketing business, Martin Reynolds Social Media Made Easy, since 2008.

Experienced in WordPress website design, SEO and Social Media Marketing, Martin has been responsible for helping businesses from all industries, of all sizes, across the UK, Europe and USA improve their online presence and marketing. 

Originally from Norwich but recently relocated to St Neots near Cambridge and heading up Cubed Fusion`s Cambridgeshire office.