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Would you like to start selling products online but just don’t know where to start?

We can help you!

Here at Cubed Fusion we are ecommerce web design specialists that will create a custom website for your brand, tailored exactly to sell the products you want to sell. You’ll be able to manage your inventory, track orders and view analytics all from one easy-to-use interface.

When you partner with us, you’ll not only get a beautiful, professional website but it will also create the credibility and trust for your business online. Potential customers will love being able to purchase your products simply and easily with just a few clicks, and you’ll love the increase in sales that comes with having an effective ecommerce website.

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as a website platform?

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What is Woocommerce?

WooCommerce is one the most popular ecommerce plugi­n for WordPress. It has been downloaded over 15 million times because it integrates well with WordPress and allows you to easily create an online store.

The plugin itself is completely free to use, so there are no upfront fees. You only pay if you decide to sell your product online. There are various pricing options available, starting from the basic starter pack to the premium enterprise version.

Why use Woocommerce?

When it comes to choosing an ecommerce plugin, there are many options out there. With so much choice, you might feel overwhelmed. So here are some key points to consider about WooCommerce (remember, we will look after all of this for you, so you don`t have to worry).

1. Compatibility

WooCommerce works really well with WordPress is one of the most flexible solutions around.

2. Flexibility

WooCommerce gives you full control over how your shop looks and functions. You can change colours, fonts, logos, add widgets, and even make changes to the layout without having to worry about breaking anything else.

3. Ease of Use

With WooCommerce, you don’t need to know code to build your online store. Instead, you’ll just need to learn a few basic steps. From there, you’ll be able to customise everything yourself and quickly and simply add your products.

What our WordPress Ecommerce Web Design will do for you

  • You’ll have a professional website that will help you sell your products
  • You’ll be able to manage your own website without having to learn any coding or design
  • Have the website you have always dreamed of
  • Watch your business grow and succeed with a stunning online presence
  • Enjoy an easy, user-friendly experience that will make managing your website a breeze
  • Have a website that stands out from the competition and grabs attention
  • Benefit from a design that is tailored specifically to your unique requirements
  • You`ll have a beautiful, professional website that looks great on any device
  • Your site will be easy to manage, so you can update it yourself whenever you want
Ecommerce Design Agency

Ecommerce Website Design FAQs

We always recommend a few things that you can do to make your WordPress ecommerce website far more user-friendly:

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate – we recommend you use clear and intuitive menus, and make it as easy as you can for visitors to find the products they’re looking for.
  • Always use high-quality visuals – using attractive product photos and videos will help visitors visualise exactly what they’re buying.
  • It`s essential to make sure your website loads quickly – no one likes a slow website, so make sure your site is optimised for speed.

There are certainly a few simple quick-fixes to make your WordPress ecommerce website far more visually appealing to your potential customers:

  • Always, always, use high-quality images – make sure you use attractive product photos and videos to help visitors visualise exactly what they’re buying.
  • Make sure you use a clean, modern design – keep it clean, simple, and avoid cluttered layouts and aim for a clean, modern design that is easy on the eyes.
  • Choose the right colour scheme – carefully select a colour scheme that is stylish and use fonts that are easy to read. Let`s face it, no one likes crazy colour schemes or fonts that have you squinting and reaching for the binoculars!

Again, there are a few key things we recommend you can do to make your website load faster:

  • Always make sure you optimise your images – all of your images should be properly compressed and resized for the web. If they are not it will definitely slow your web page load time down, and people will simply not hang about waiting for an image to load!
  • Make sure you minimise your code – by reducing the amount of code on your pages it will help them to load faster.
  • Use a content delivery network (“A what?” I hear you ask) – using a CDN can help deliver your content faster to visitors around the world.

There are a few important things you need to do to make your ecommerce site more search engine friendly:

  • Always use keyword-rich titles and descriptions (but keep them sounding natural) – include relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions to help improve your SEO. One thing I would note here: Write for your audience and not the search engines! That is SO important!
  • Use clean, well-structured code – following web standards will help make sure your site is properly indexed by search engines.
  • Use proper permalinks – using descriptive permalinks can help improve the click-through rate from search engine results.

You can never make your website TOO secure, especially with an ecommerce site.

We recommend the following:

  • It goes without saying, but always use a strong password – choosing a strong password for your site is essential and make sure to change it regularly.
  • Use a good, and we mean good, security plugin – by installing a strong and reliable WordPress security plugin you can add an extra layer of protection to your site.
  • Always keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date – this is simply one of the best ways to keep your site secure.

WooCommerce in our experience is easy to use and is designed to be very user-friendly.

However, if you’re new to WordPress or ecommerce in general, there may be a bit of a steep learning curve for you. We are always on hand though if you need any help.

Yes, you can use WooCommerce with virtually any WordPress theme.

However, our recommendation would be if you want to take full advantage of all the WooCommerce features, you may want to consider using a theme that is specifically designed for WooCommerce.

They may cost a few pennies more but it will be well worth the investment. Trust me!

Yes, WooCommerce is extremely secure.

It uses SSL encryption (“There you go again Martin, what?”) to protect sensitive data, and it also offers a number of security plugins to further secure your online store.

We are based in the UK with 2 offices in the east of England.

We are a WordPress web design agency in Norwich, Norfolk and with an office in St Neots, near Cambridge too.